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Welcome To Arkto Pomskies:

Your Trusted Pomsky Breeder in Gibbons, Alberta, Canada

 At Arkto Pomskies, we pride ourselves on raising exceptional Pomskies in a loving
environment. As one of Alberta's top Pomsky Dog breeders, we are dedicated to responsible
breeding practices, ensuring our dogs are healthy and happy before finding their forever homes.

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Waylon and Sarah

Hi, I’m Waylon, & I’m Sarah


We are the dedicated team behind the establishment of Arkto Pomskies, which is now a well-known pomsky breeder based in Gibbons, Alberta, Canada. Our journey started back in 2017 when we were on a quest to find a dog that had the husky look we loved, but unfortunately, the city we lived in limited our options. Luckily, we came across Pomskies and were immediately drawn to their size and big hearts.


Our Experience with Pomskies


In 2017, we brought home Chewie, our F1b Pomsky, from NorthStar Pomskies. Chewie quickly proved himself with his impressive working drive, excelling in weight pulling and earning several awards with the International Weight Pull Association (IWPA) and the American Pulling Alliance (APA).
In 2020, Chewie earned his Superior Working Dog Title with the IWPA, showcasing his dedication and intelligence.

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Adding to Our Family


The family expanded in 2019 with the addition of Storm, a Pomsky from NorthStar Pomskies. Storm is currently undergoing agility training, bringing even more excitement to our home. In 2020, we rescued Angel, a Siberian Husky, and relocated to an acreage in northern Alberta. Angels affectionate nature and passion for the outdoors motivated us to delve deeper into breeding Pomskies in Alberta.


Our Commitment to Quality


With the guidance and support of NorthStar Pomskies, we embarked on our breeding journey, striving to meet the International Pomsky Association Breeding Standard. Our Arctic Spitz Pomskies are known for their loyalty and make wonderful companions. Every dog in our care is considered a part of our family. The health and well-being of the pups are our top priorities.


Finding Forever Homes

We're experts in nurturing and caring for adorable Pomsky puppies from the moment they're born until we find their perfect forever homes. If you're thinking of adding a pomsky to your family, take a look at our selection of delightful Pomskies puppies for sale. We're dedicated to helping you make your dream of welcoming a Pomsky into your home a reality.


Arkto Pomskies: Your Trusted Source for Pomskies puppies for sale in Alberta,

Our Collection

Our Collection

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Celebrating My Membership in These Breed Groups

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APKC Breeder Certificate - Arkto Pomskie
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Pomsky Owners Association

American Pomsky Kennel Club

International Pomsky Association

We are a reputable breeder officially recognized by the APKC (American Purebred Kennel Club)


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