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FAQ / Contract

What is a Pomsky?

A Pomsky is a designer dog breed that is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. It is a relatively new breed that has gained popularity in recent years due to its small size and resemblance to a miniature version of a Husky.


Pomskies are known for their adorable appearance, combining the fluffy and compact body of a Pomeranian with the striking markings and blue eyes often seen in Huskies. However, it's important to note that not all Pomskies will have the exact same physical traits, as their appearance can vary depending on the genetic contributions from the parent breeds.

Pomskies typically require regular exercise to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Their exercise needs can vary depending on the individual dog and the balance of traits inherited from their parents. It's essential to provide them with proper care, including a balanced diet, grooming, and regular veterinary check-ups, just like any other dog.


As with any mixed breed, it's important to research reputable breeders or consider adopting from a rescue or shelter if you're interested in getting a Pomsky. Additionally, remember that owning any dog requires commitment, time, and resources to ensure their well-being and happiness.

What does the Greek Word  "Arktos" mean ?

Arctic. The word Arctic comes from the Greek word for bear, arktos. It refers to two constellations in the northern night sky: Ursa Major (Great Bear) and Ursa Minor (Little Bear), which contains Polaris, the North Star.

Why Did We choose "Arkto" for our kennel name?

We wanted a kennel name that would encompass multiple meanings. Following the passing of our beloved calico cat, Bear, we decided to honor his memory by incorporating his name. Additionally, we aimed to reflect the Arctic Spitz breed, specifically the Pomsky. After careful consideration and research, we concluded that 'Arkto Pomskies' was the optimal choice.

Some Terminology

F1 - a dog with purebred parents (Generally 50% Siberian & 50% Pomeranian)


F1B - B stands for backcross- a purebred dog crossed with a regular F1 Pomsky (25% Pomeranian & 75& Siberian or vise versa)


F2 - a dog with 2 F1 Pomsky parents. While this dog is, on paper, 50% pomernian and 50% Siberian, this generation is generally much more varied than F1s or F1Bs, but a necessary part of breeding towards dogs who will breed true.


F#X – An ‘outcross’ dog. (The # will tell you what generation from the initial crossbreeding this particular individual is). These are dogs with either one Pomsky parent and one non-Siberian or Pomeranian parent (ie, an American Eskimo or German Spitz) OR a breeding of Siberian Husky to American Eskimo or German Spitz. We do not recognize litters of pomeranian x spitz or American Eskimo but these individuals may be used in a breeding program for various reasons.Multigen – a dog with multiple generations of crossbreeding behind them. A multi-gen dog is a necessity if a breeder wants to pursue a dog that ‘breeds true’- ie, produces offspring that look mostly like itself, with size and other characteristics. 


Lets talk about their coats!

Pomsky coats are always double! They'll have a slick, harsh top coat and soft downy undercoat. They can be longer or shorter and will both shed....a lot! But don't let that discourage you, a well groomed pup with a regular brushing can help keep them cool and happy! Not to mention getting them used to the forced air dryer as a young pup with some yummy treats will cut your grooming time in half!

How big will my Pomsky be?

Pomskies have 3 different sizes:

  • Toy: A toy pomsky will be under 15 lbs 

  • Mini: A mini pomsky will be between 12-20 lbs

  • Standard: A standard will be between 20-40 lbs

Do Pomskies shed?

Pomskies undergo significant shedding twice a year when the seasons change. It is commonly observed that the standard coat type sheds more compared to the wooly coat type. Additionally, they may experience periodic shedding throughout the year, especially when they are stressed or unwell.


What is their temperament like?

In terms of temperament, Pomskies can inherit traits from both Pomeranians and Huskies. They possess a combination of energy, playfulness, and intelligence. Pomskies may express their needs vocally and exhibit a certain level of stubbornness, necessitating consistent training and socialization from an early stage.

Both Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians possess distinct personalities and a sense of humor. They are known for their vocal nature. Siberian Huskies are highly active and enjoy spending time outdoors, while Pomeranians tend to be more people-oriented. As a result, Pomskies fall somewhere in between, typically enjoying both long hikes and leisurely days of lounging. Taking them to the dog park regularly contributes to their overall happiness.

Pomskies are exceptionally intelligent and naturally bond with their human companions. They are great with families, enjoy playing with other dogs, and exhibit a larger-than-life personality reminiscent of their Husky ancestors. While some Pomskies may be vocal like Huskies, the majority lean more towards their Pomeranian lineage and display a calm and quiet demeanor.

How much are Pomskies?

Pomsky prices vary based on the lineage, typically ranging from $3,000 to $6,000. We offer convenient delivery options across Canada for $450, which includes a flight-approved crate.


For international delivery, we provide the services of a flight nanny, with prices ranging from $600 to $900 depending on the location.


Our Puppies

All of our puppies will undergo handling and socialization to ensure they become the perfect companions. They will be exposed to other dogs, cats, children, and close friends, and they will even become familiar with the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Before each puppy is placed in its forever home, it will receive its first set of vaccinations, deworming, and a microchip to learn proper vet manners.

Every puppy comes with a one-year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support. They will be ready to go to their forever homes between 8 and 10 weeks of age. Additionally, they are sold under a strict spay or neuter contract within one year of age, unless otherwise discussed.


We operate using a waitlist system. Upon the completion and approval of a waitlist application, we require a deposit of $300, which may be credited towards the purchase of any puppy from any available litter.

It is expressly acknowledged and agreed that the $300 deposit fee is both Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable under any circumstances. In the event you decide not to proceed with the acquisition of your chosen puppy, the reservation fee shall be forfeited. This policy is in place because we have reserved the selected puppy exclusively for you, and if you subsequently decline, it may be necessary for us to adjust the pricing to secure a suitable home for the puppy prior to reaching 8 weeks of age. By submitting the reservation fee, you explicitly understand and accept the non-refundable nature of the deposit, especially now that this puppy has been reserved in your name.

*All deposits and payments, without exception, are deemed non-refundable.*


The typical price per puppy is $3500, although prices can range from $3000 to $6000 CAD. We offer Canada-wide shipping for $450.

All of our dogs undergo genetic health testing through Embark, following the recommendations of our veterinarian.

*NOTE: All information used here can be found on International Pomsky Association's official website. Click here to learn more.


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