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Pomsky Puppies From Arkto Pomskies: Ensuring Quality and Reputability

Updated: Mar 22

Siberian husky and pomsky dogs
Angel , Storm, Chewie

Written March 5th 2023

Are you looking to bring an intelligent, confident, protective, playful, nature loving and an affectionate pomsky into your life? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Arkto Pomskies, located in Gibbons, Alberta, is Canada’s leading breeder of pomsky puppies. Our owners, Sarah and Waylon Boire, are always looking ahead and have dedicated their lives to breeding pomskies that meets qualities that customers are looking for when choosing a dog.

Arkto Pomskies founder and CEO, Waylon Boire says, “We understand that when it comes to bringing a new puppy into your home, it can be a difficult decision, especially when you have a particular type of lifestyle and children to think about. Naturally, a puppy that is considered suitable for an elderly owner will be different from one that a young and active couple gets.

To ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our services and puppies, we have taken measures that work well for our customers. We provide our customers with crucial information about the expected dog’s personality depending on the origin. Our values and belief that honest is invaluable in business allows us to disclose all information, even when such information will mean that customer does not make a purchase. For instance, we do not shy away from telling a customer about temperament that Pomskies tend to show, particularly when bored. As a customer, you will also get lessons and advise detailing how to handle, and care for the animal to ensure it remains healthy during its 13-15 years longevity range.

We never accept full payment until delivery day or pick up day. This not only helps us make sure our customers are comfortable with the puppy they’re getting, but it also helps us make sure our customers are confident in the legitimacy of our business.

Also, we offer video chat or phone call options. This allows us to personally connect with our customers, keep them updated, and show them the puppy they’ve chosen. We have built trust over the years with customers who have bought a puppy or puppies recommending us to their family and friends. For the customers residing in or near Gibbons, Alberta, we offer them the opportunity to come down and view our facility and our dogs in person.

We are listed on the Pomsky Owners Association and the International Pomsky Association, so our customers can be sure that we are an approved reputable breeder. All dogs should be from responsible breeders only, but with Pomskies this is an absolute MUST. As breeders, we have spent a couple of years grading, selecting and following puppies. Strict adherence to this practice has helped us learn the growth patterns of the puppies we breed and develop a baseline to predict how they will turn out. Our esteemed customers get the opportunity to purchase a healthy puppy with verified origins that includes a complete family history of the puppy’s parents.”

So, if you’re looking for a pomsky puppy, look no further than Arkto Pomskies! They are committed to providing the best quality pomskies to families across Canada and are dedicated to building trust with their customers. Visit their website at, and follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok): @arktopomskies, to learn more about them and to view their collection.

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